Best Cast Iron cookware in India for you kitchen

Best Cast Iron cookware in India for you kitchen

Everybody wants to stay updated in this fast-changing world, But in order to stay updated as the old proverb says ‘A fit, healthy body that is the best fashion statement. “ You need to stay healthy. For staying healthy we need good and healthy cooked food. Sometimes, you might wonder why our ancestors didn’t use steel utensils. it’s because they were a bit unhealthy but as time passes we see there are many other ways to cook food at it’s best without losing the nutrition of the food. so, today we’ve got for you Cast iron cookware list which would help you find the best cookware according to your needs.

Yes, there are several other ways to cook food, Nowadays people are switching to cookware made up of Cast iron, Soapstone, Clay, Bronze, and many others.Let’s find the most trending and worth the price product below.


Any food that requires enhancing by the use of chemical substances should in no way be considered a food. 

 -John H. Tobe

There are many brands and companies available which make cast iron cookware, but you might be confused about which one you should opt for and which is the best one that fits in your pocket. Then Below goes the list of  Top 10 cast iron cookware. 


The Best and the most purchased on Amazon is by Lodge. All the product range by Lodge is Available on Flipkart and Amazon Too.


 Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet 


As you look at the skillet you will realize that the 12-inch gives an elegant and versatile look to your lovely kitchen. The build quality of the product is so good that one can even guarantee that if it is handled properly it can even work for decades.  The skillet is so good that you’ll remember each and every dish you cook in this.

Do you really think that Caring for your Cast Iron is too complicated? No, You’ll feel good to know that All the cookware from the house of lodge Lodge is pre-seasoned, so you can make your family’s favorite recipe without needing to season the skillet first.

Top 10 cast Iron cookware

It totally depends on your mood that on what kind of cookstove you want to use either that’s cooktop or campfire or whatever you want. all you need to do is just watch mildly then after that, you are done.


Rock Tawa Dutch Oven 5 Lits in Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Rock Tawa is a well built Cast Iron Utensil. You can say that ṭhis thing is a must-have accessory for your kitchen, not because it is cheap but as this is the most basic cookware every kitchen should have. These Dutch ovens are wide and roomy, which is totally ideal when you want to cook a whole chicken.

The high sides of the Dutch oven keep the greens in the pot, rather than all over your stovetop. This dutch oven comes with a capacity of 5 liters .you might be wondered after knowing that this comes with pre-seasoned Sunflower oil and also get a 1-year warranty along with it. So indulge in some delectable deep fry food tried out in our Dutch oven.

Cast iron cookware

Meyer Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Flat Dosa Tawa

Wanna make some Crispy south Indian dosa at home? Then this is the perfect pick for you with all the broad 28 cm of diameter you’ll get enough big dosa for you and your family to have on and enjoy with some great nariyal chutney and Sambhar.

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The tawa gives good even heat distribution. Season it well and this you can easily pass on this product to your next generation.

This particular Tawa has a diameter of 28 cms.  At the time of writing this review, Also if you want you can get 26 cms of dia Tawa which would cost you a Lil less than this one.


cast iron cookware on amazon

Rock Tawa 11 Inch Kadhai Kadhai

Who among us doesn’t like eating fried tasty dishes like Bread cutlets or Bread rolls? The answer is all of us. almost 95% of people like to eat fried foods. Thus, we have added the Kadhai too in our lists of Cast iron cookware.

This Rock Tawa got a large range of Cast Iron cookware range for us. This kadhai is one of them. With a Diameter of 11inches, this kadhai is Pre-seasoned and 4.3-inch deep weight 3.4 kg 3l. It got a thick base of  4 mm thick base which makes it withstand heat and spread it evenly thereby avoiding burning of the food.

Cast Iron Cookware

This kadhai also comes pre-seasoned with sunflower oil and one year warranty. So indulge in some delectable deep fry food tried out in our Rock Tawa kadhai.

Meyer Pre Seasoned Cast Iron  Curved Roti Tawa

You might find this a bit costly than the above-listed products of the Cast iron cookware but let me tell you this is one of the best builds of the Meyer Pre-seasoned Cast iron tawa. A fine combination of a traditional as well as innovational way of cooking healthy food.

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The Tawa got an innovatory flat kind of design as the bottom is designed to be used on a regular gas stove. But is so designed that it keeps the flame protected from all sides. This makes the  Flame of your regular Cooktop’s flame to spread evenly which results in fuel-saving and also helps you in proper utilization of your hard-earned fuel.

Top 10 cast iron cookware

Dynamic Cookware Cast Iron 12 Cavity

Fond of eating Idli sambhar? This product from our list of Cast iron cookware is for you. You might wonder if I tell you that the manufacturer of cast-iron cookware is in this industry for last 30 years, They got all products with well-performed rigorous quality control.

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The manufacturer claims they undergo a proper Metallurgical analysis at every step of the way to ensure that only the highest quality products enter the market.


Heavy Cooking Base is Probably the most important part of Dynamic Cookwares cast-iron cookware is. The better the heat retention property. This heaviness is multi-purpose and functional – It allows for the slow cooking process that is very essential for retaining food nutrients and even heat distribution that prevents burning of food in the middle of the pan – This is what differentiates Dynamic Cookwares from the competition.


Health is the most powerful key to success. Hence, You need to keep yourself healthy by getting some health preventive measures. Update your kitchen with the best-cast iron cookware in the market. Stay healthy Stay Fit!!

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