Guide for choosing right earring for sensitive ears

Guide for choosing right earring for sensitive ears

Having one’s ears pierced is now common in many parts of the world. It is an easy way to add body adornment that is socially acceptable. Unfortunately, some people experience pain and inflammation to their ear lobes when they wear certain earrings. This can be avoided by understanding why this occurs. Here’s a guide for Right earring for Sensitive ears.

So let’s start with the quick guide for selection Right earring for Sensitive ears.

Chronic sensitivity in pierced ears is usually caused by an allergic reaction to the material that the earring post is made of.

The most common cause of this reaction is the metal, nickel. The symptoms are itching, a red raised rash, or in extreme cases a swollen throbbing weal.

Nickel sensitivity, or nickel itch as it is sometimes known, can be a stressful and painful experience.

Right earring for Sensitive ears

Acute sensitivity in pierced ears is usually the result of bacterial infection.

This may be experienced soon after a new piercing has been carried out. It happens when proper hygiene precautions have not been followed.

For example, the newly pierced ear has been rubbed with dirty fingers. A bacterial infection is characterized by pain, swelling, and sometimes, a small amount of pus discharge. This can be cured by cleaning the pierced area and treating it with antiseptic.

Choosing earrings for sensitive, pierced ears should only be done once any bacterial infection has been cleared. Chronic sensitivity to a metal (which is a type of contact dermatitis,) can affect anyone at any age. Sometimes, earrings which have caused the wearer no problems for years can become an issue if the person has later acquired an allergic sensitivity to that metal.

Right earring for Sensitive ears

A label aimed at nickel allergy sufferers used by earring manufacturers is the term hypoallergenic. This indicates that the earring’s post does not have nickel on the outer surface.

However, unless a hypoallergenic earring label categorically says the post doesn’t contain any nickel at all, then there is no guarantee that there is no nickel below the surface.

This is important, because over time, the outer surface of an earring’s post will become worn. The thin outer coating will be lost and thus nickel will come into contact with the wearer’s earlobe.

This is generally only a problem with cheaper earrings. If you can afford it, then the noble metals of gold, silver, and platinum are ideal for people with sensitive skin so it’s better to chose Right earring for Sensitive ears.

These metals are resistant to corrosion and acid attack. It is very rare for people to suffer an allergic reaction to these metals.

Titanium is another metal which is gaining in popularity for people with sensitive earlobes. The advantage with titanium is that it is relatively cheap compared to the noble metals.

It also can take on rainbow-like colors when heat treated. So some people like earrings made from titanium as they have a younger more up-to-date look.

Nonetheless, both traditional metals (gold, silver, platinum) and newer ones (like titanium) are too expensive for many people.

There is a huge market in costume jewelry which may be worn only once or twice before a new fashion style replaces it. People who have sensitive, pierced ears need not be excluded from this “disposable” lifestyle.

Stud Earrings Set for Women Girls Sensitive Ears

For a short-term solution to the problem of cheap metal posts, you can paint the metal with clear nail varnish to prevent it coming into direct contact with the skin. If the earrings are worn more than once however, then the nail varnish needs to be reapplied on each occasion.

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Another alternative is to find earrings that have stainless steel posts. These work for some people but not for everyone.

So it’s a matter of trial and error with stainless steel. Finally, the cheapest option of all is to find earrings made with plastic posts. These are cheap for a reason. The posts get damaged easily and often break off after the first time they are worn.Right earring for Sensitive ears

These days there are lots of choices of earrings for pierced ears, even for people who suffer from contact dermatitis. A simple rule of thumb is to buy the best quality that you can afford. Ask lots of questions before you buy the earrings and if necessary, use the nail varnish trick to salvage a bad buy. Right earring for Sensitive ears

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