A Quick guide to Choosing the right Nail polish remover for you

A Quick guide to Choosing the right Nail polish remover for you

Having beautifully painted nails requires time, patience and the addition of a good nail polish remover, so that’s why it is important to consider what type of nail polish remover is right for you right Nail polish remover..right Nail polish remover 

Continual use of nail polish remover can, however, put your nails under a lot of strain and make them become dry and brittle. There are a variety of products on the market to choose from and these include liquids, gels and handy individually wrapped pads, which are based on acetone, non-acetone, or natural ingredients.

right Nail polish remover

Right Nail polish remover available on the market

Acetone – This type of nail polish remover will easily remove all kinds of nail polish from your nails – even stubborn areas of polish – but it can unfortunately leave them feeling dry and brittle if used too often, unless any conditioners are present in the product. This type of nail polish remover is not good for artificial nails as it can dissolve areas of the nails and result in them having to be removed altogether. Care should be taken with this remover as it is flammable.

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Non-acetone – The active ingredient in the right nail polish remover is ethyl acetate and it is suitable for all types of nails, including acrylics. This type of remover is kinder to the nails and many of them include conditioners and/or vitamins to help nourish the nails. The only problem with this type of nail polish remover is that it can take much longer to remove nail polish, particularly dark coloured and dense glitter polishes.

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Natural nail polish remover – This type of nail polish remover is based on natural products that do not damage the natural oils in the nails and helps to keep them healthy.

The beauty of natural nail polish removers is that they have a pleasant smell which makes the job much more enjoyable.

Natural removers are suitable for all types of nail polish, although some may not do quite as good a job as acetone based removers. Natural nail polish remover can even be made at home by mixing an equal portion of white vinegar and lemon juice.

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Buying the right nail polish remover for you 

Like any product, it is important to ensure that you have purchased a product that suits your individual needs. If you have sensitive skin, for example, then you will need to be more careful about the remover you buyright Nail polish remover.

Remover pads and pots are ideal for people who travel around a lot and often end up doing their nails on the move! If you suffer from dry, brittle nails, then you will definitely need to consider a product that contains moisturisers, vitamins or strengthening ingredients, or even one that contains a combination of these ingredients.

Some makes are better than others too, so make sure you conduct a bit of research before purchasing anything – friends, relatives and work colleagues can be ideal people to ask!

The best way to use the riight nail polish remover

It is always best to try and prepare the area properly before you begin removing your nail polish. Always wash your hands thoroughly first and then consider the following points: right Nail polish remover

  • Get some paper towel and spread a few sheets out in front of you ready to rest your hands on – keeping the roll handy in case of any spillages.
  • Get some cotton wool balls and Q-tips and then gently soak them in nail polish remover as required.
  • Hold the cotton wool on the nail for around 30 seconds, pressing down firmly. Then wipe the cotton wool towards the tip of the nail. The polish should come off more or less immediately if you have soaked the nail for long enough; otherwise you may have to repeat the process several times.
  • Use a Q-tip for any small and hard to reach areas. Again, dip the Q-tip into the nail polish remover and press down firmly for a few seconds on the stubborn area before wiping.
  • Once all the polish is removed, make sure the bottle is securely placed back on the nail polish remover, wash your hands again and dry them thoroughly.

Are nail polish removers bad for your health?

Acetone is obviously the main ingredient in many nail polish removers and it has a very strong odour. Apart from being flammable, acetone can affect the respiratory tract and eyes if inhaled in large quantities.

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It can also cause dizziness, headaches, depression and insomnia – needless to say, anyone who works regularly with these products should take extra precautions.right Nail polish remover

Non-acetone products can also cause problems if used excessively. Methanolis often used as an acetone replacement substance and this can be more hazardous than acetone.

Before using any products on your nails, it is important to read the labels carefully and once you have finished removing your nail polish you should always wash your hands thoroughly.

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